Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello Friends,

Ally and I wanted to say hello and tell you we are very new at this. Ally really wants to put out the WOOF and teach others about her condition and good veterinary care. She is about to emBARK on her on with this blog, so lets get ROLLING!!!!

Hi from me "Ally",

I would like to envite you all to check me out on my web site The people I try to keep in line the most are on this site. You can view me there under practice manager, Marty Harris. That's the human I spend most of my time with, and we make quite a team!

Today was a very fun day for us, it was my human Marty's birthday and she really had fun. We got to go all over and she got lots of special treats. Humans really like things wrapped up in that fancy paper. I like paper too, but I prefer to give it a good shred!! Of course I got a few extra goodies that were not the best for my waste line but I will cut back tomorrow!!! We canines can not afford extra weight for lots of health reasons. If you want a little more information on how to keep trim my human (Marty) will try yo help. I went from a robust 13#'s when I was adopted to 9.8#'s today. That would have definitely helped my spine issue before my injury. Good nutrition is a must for all of us. Hey, I gotta get rolling, it's getting late and I will try to catch up with you later. If you have questions just give me a WOOF!!!